"An interactive team is forming. There will be no more ways for the truth to be suppressed or for the future of peaceful contact, universal peace and technological conversion to be kept under a black shroud." - Jeffrey Morgan Foss, 2/10/2006


By Harold Egeln

February 10, 2006-- While doing research recently for an article on experiencer websites and blogs for our January CEN issue, I came across the extraordinary blog site of experiencer Jeffrey Morgan Foss. Artist and musician Foss, 48, lives in the beautiful Berkshires hills in western Massachusetts and works as an estate manager.

Jeff Foss's "We Are In Contact" blog has been linked to CEN after this article, for him to speak and reach out directly to CEN readers and the S.P.A.C.E. network through his very own voice and vision, with his encounter and contact stories, his own experiencer music, artwork and photos, and much more!

His astoundingly articulate "Contact Blog" was first posted on-line in November 2005 and subsequently expanded upon. Foss is an accomplished artist and musician, whose own deeply affecting songs and astounding art renderings of his positive contacts add to his remarkable text accounts, needing a full reading.

His blog site includes the following sections:

** The Jeffrey Morgan Foss Story.

** Lifelong ET Contact Experiences.

** Music of an Experiencer.

** The Greatest Encounter of All.

** A Matter of Miracles.

** Contact Pictures.

** The Art of an Experiencer.

** A Wonderful Reunion.

** We Are In Contact.

** Foss's Contact History.

** His Story and Feedback.

There are also a few links about Foss, and we have linked with one from "Cosmic Tribune" [editor Hal McKenzie] which nicely summarizes his story.

Foss was born in 1957 when the Space Age was also born with the launching of the first space satellite, Sputnik 1, into Earth orbit.

Urging world peace, Foss also expresses his hopes and offers a plan, the Global Conservation Exchange Corps. It proposes converting from a warrior world to a peaceful world without greed, war and exploitation, and ending world hunger, environmental abuse and miliary conflict.

To have full worldwide open ET contact, Foss maps a new society based on his contacts suited no longer to deception, fear, greed, power and control but to the flourishing of human creativity, cooperation and kindness, as you will see when reading his blog. His expression of a peaceful humanity is fully shared with this writer, having been deeply involved in this endeavor and goal for 40 years.

It is truly an astonishment to read and view Foss's blog, which presents a positive face of the CE experience beyond all its well-reported negative aspects which are part of it, too.


"From as far back as I can remember (age two - 1959) to the present, I have experienced peaceful contact with visitors from the stars," writes Foss on his blog. "The Visitors want humankind to undergo a technological conversion before formal open contact can occur."

Through his deeply affecting text and artwork, Foss brings his life story of contact into crystal clear focus, taking us deep into his encounters, sharing their impact. The blog of his lifelong extraterrestrial contact experiences highlights his "record of consciously remembered encounters and sightings... full of witnesses and evidence," Foss writes, as well as recovered memories.

The enticing combination of words and paintings takes us on Foss's journey, beginning with a "gray" standing over him at age two in 1959 and an experience at age five.

There are fascinating accounts and illustrations of his many encounters and sightings such as: the mothership sighting with a cousin in 1968; four giant orbs in 1972 in Beverly, Massachusetts; three globular ships at White Beach on Ocean Street in Manchester, Massachusetts in 1976; the July 1977 encounter in Kingman, Arizona; his car being lifted into the air by a UFO in Lovelock, Nevada in 1979; a ""transcendent NDE" in 1981 at Stock Island in the Florida Keys; the 1988 "Conservation Exchange Vision" while he was a supervisor at the 35,000-acre Bigelow Preserve and Flagstaff Lodge in Maine; his triangular scar of 1998; his "miracle" incidents; and much more.

The "Contact Pictures" blog art gallery displays, in stunningly stark and wonderfully rendered strokes, Foss's encounters and contacts, along with his "Art of an Experience" blog art gallery, where Foss depicts shapes and patterns reflective of and inspired by his experiences.

Artwork is a potent vehicle for conveying the Contact Experience, as we have seen through talented artists in S.P.A.C.E. and other painters, some of whom have exhibited their artworks at UFO conferences and in Manhattan art galleries. [The New York Times "House & Home" section featured a front page story on such an exhibit in a Sept. 1997 issue.] Truly "Outsider Art" in their own right, they are Close Encounters of the Art Kind.

Like organizations promoting the union of Art with Science and Technology (such as ASCI), "Contact Experiencer Art" does that but on a deeper level of involvement. The startingly impressive artwork of Foss deserves a showing here in the Big Apple!

The "We Are In Contact" blog also features samples of musician Foss's songs of contact and peace, such as "Star Lady" and "Remember the Children," which can be heard on mp3s.

Jeffrey Morgan Foss's blog is an essential resource which lends further evidence to the total fabric of the Close Encounter Contact Experience, In England, the fledging internatonal Project 1 Group, born of Contact [see Jan. 2006 CEN Newsletter], is mixing together the experiential richness of several folks aiming to increase and access those resources.

The layers of denial, misinformation and secrecy that tries to put a blanket over an awakening giant - the Reality of CONTACT! - is full of holes. Writes Foss, the U.S. power structure "is the worst oppressor and suppressor agent against extraterrestrial disclosure and peaceful open contact," prepetuating its "greed and lust for power." With that blanket torn open and removed, Foss writes, "we can enter a far vaster experience."

Contact witnesses continue to bring their diverse voices and visions together, empowering humanity as a whole to enter that "far vaster experience," and Foss's blog adds to that cosmic symphony of empowerment.

We urge our readers to explore the Foss blog and take up his invitation to send him comments. That is at the heart and core of what S.P.A.C.E. is all about: sharing, learning, communicating and doing on all Aspects of Close Encounters.



Jeffrey Morgan Foss will be interviewed on The Jerry Pippin Show, an Internet Radio on-demand program. The show is scheduled to be posted on the Pippin site in March and it will be place here in CEN then.  
[UPDATE: This was Jeff's best interview ever yet Pippin has avoided releasing it on his UFO Files site despite heavy advocacy from many people.  Pippin tells them it is one of his best interviews, that it will be a powerful presentation with music and that it will be released in a few days but it never gets released. It's been over five years...]

Jeff & Phil Reunited